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creatures from the deep

creatures from the deep

This was a day of minimal planning. We started out going to the Hagia Sohia. Now after being so long in the Topkapi Place yesterday I was not looking forward to this. However it seemed to be a shorter duration visit.
Inside I was very impressed when I found out that the entire Notre Dame cathedral could fit inside this place. Also that it was high enough inside to fit the Statue of Liberty. Wow!
Took lots of pictures and then my battery read low. That is 4 days and a lot of pictures on that battery. We were nearly down and we headed back to the hotel to recharge the battery. Since the electricity is not on in the room without the key placed in the slot, I left it charging at the front desk.
Off we went to buy some good luck evil eyes.
We bought a lamb domer (sandwich) and sat in the famous Sirkici railraod station, eastern terminal of the famed Orient Express (Paris-Istanbul) where travellers had, in the past, been advised to "carry a gun".
I see you can still take it from here to Budapest, Hungary.

Having recharged the batteries we headed over to Asia. Yea, just like that, hmmm, headed over to Asia. I like that ring.
Twenty five minutes later we were in Kadokoy - Asian Turkey.
We wandered the streets. The fish market with the eclectic offering of fish strung up, iced down - octupus, billfish, lobster, red flounder, anchovies. It all looked good. And right next to this shop, a vegetable stand, filled with its own variety of colors.
Going back to the dock the boat (a boat) was pulling away and we jammed our jetons(tokens) into the slot and ran aboard almost missing it. But, it was not our boat. Nope. We went north of the city and landed in Besakis. Realizing the error, we got off, bought more tokens, got back on the same boat and went back to Asia, where we got off and got on the right boat and finally made it back to Europe.
Where else can you do that. Europe>Asia>Europe>Asia>Europe, all in the same day.

A couple chicken domers fro 3L. Back to the hotel.
We did not make it back out that night.

Oh, we did have some nice pistachio candies in the AM. Not as sweet as I would have thought, which was nice. Candy shops abound here, with nougat, Turkish dilights, baklava stacked high and colorful in the windows.


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